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Can you learn special requests?

We are more than happy to add your favourite songs to our repertoire. We don't charge to learn the songs, but we do ask that you cover the cost of the sheet music. This usually comes to between £10 and £30.


How much space do you require?

We need a square of sides roughly 3-4 metres. 


Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, we have insurance up to £10 million.


Do you require any electrical sockets?

No, we are entirely acoustic.


Can you play outside?

We can, although we do require a cover to ensure that we are shaded from the sun and protected from any rain.


How many weddings have you played?

We have about 10 years of experience, and have been getting progressively busier during those times. From March 2017-mid 2021, we have played at over 200 weddings.


Do you need any equipment provided?

No, all we need are four armless chairs.


How do you calculate your timings?

That depends on the kind of booking. If you are booking us for just the ceremony, we are able to be flexible with the end time, as we understand that lateness is the bride's prerogative!

If your booking includes reception drinks or dinner, and you have booked us for a certain time-period, we are usually unable to push on beyond that, as quite often one or more of our players will be going on to another booking. 

If you are worried about timings, please feel free to discuss this with us. It's always better to err on the safe side, so if you're worried that two hours won't be enough time, book us for two and a half, etc.

If you have a question we haven't answered here, please ask us using the form below

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